Our Services

Hope, Healing and Recovery Therapy  offers a collaborative integration of Speech, Occupational and Applied Behavior Analysis  services all under one roof!  Through our collaborative approach, we are able to meet the immediate and individual needs of each patient as they develop with necessary intervention. 

Occupational Therapy

Designed to help children and adults acquire (or regain) the skills needed to preform the activities - or "occupations" - of daily life.  To achieve these goals, occupational therapists may also adapt the task or the environment based on each clients specific needs.

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis is used to assess, develop, and maintain behavioral interventions to increase the appropriate functional,  adaptive, communication, academic, and social aspects of life in children and adults.  Our plans are individualized to meet each client's unique needs, whether they be related to Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, ASD, PTSD, or other behavioral concerns.

In-Clinic & In-Home

Speech Language Pathology

 Our speech therapists specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders, cognition, voice disorders, swallowing disorders and accent reduction  in both children and adults.

Social & Support Groups

Please contact us at 936-585-5019 for availability or fill out the Support Groups/Social Skills Referral Form!

Consultation & Supervision

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Transitional Services

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