About us

What we are

HHART is a dynamic therapy clinic in Conroe, TX.  We offer behavioral therapy for children and adults with Autism and other behavioral concerns such as Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, DMDD, PTSD and developmental disabilities associated with: 

•Down Syndrome

•Mental handicap


•Traumatic Brain Injury

•Behavioral or Emotional Issues

•Learning Disabilities

•Other Developmental Disabilities

Who we are

HHART is dedicated  to a collaborative approach to our treatments so our patients are getting the best overall care.  We offer support groups for caregivers and siblings, as we believe success for our patients begins at home.  Our comprehensive clinic offers professional and caring therapists in a warm and healing environment. 

Behavioral Therapy

We offer full-time and part-time behavioral therapy for children and adults.  Our well trained staff work on managing challenging behaviors and sensory issues so that the patient can be more successful at home and school.   We also offer classes for caregivers and siblings to better manage challenging behaviors at home.